Magento – set product price per customer

To set a custom price for only for some of your Magento customers you have two ways of doing it. Both methods rely on creating a customer group.

Go to Admin – Customer – Customer Groups then Add New Customer Group.
Go to Customers – Manage Customers and manage the customers you want to add to the new group.

Now decide if you want the discount to apply to some products, an entire category or brand of products, or on a per item basis. If you need to do the per item basis, then you will need to create custom prices in the product pages, and if you decide to go broader, you will need to create catalog price rules.

Option 1: Per Item Basis
This is the easier method to implement, but of course if you want to apply this to several products, you will spend some time going through each product to update it with the new group price.

1. Admin -> Manage Products
2. Select the product you would like to set a custom price for
3. On the left item menu select Price
4. Just under Price there is a box for Add Group Price
5. Add your new group and set the group price, it will now be available to anyone that you add to that group as long as they are logged in

Option 2: Catalog Price Rules
This is a slightly more complex approach but works great when you have a large catalog of products and want to issue an across the board discount to an entire brand at once.

1) Admin – Promotions – Catalog Price Rules
2) Create New
New Rule Details
Rule Name: (should be lower case with _ instead of spaces)
Description: (short snippet about it being a discount for customers in the new discount group)
Status: (activate it if you want it to work)
Customer Groups: (this is where you apply it to only the new group you created above)
From: and To: allow you to select a date range that it’s effective, leave blank for it to work going forward from now

Conditions: (customer type, category, and item that it applies to)
Click the green + to add a condition
Select an option from the list – like Category or product attributes such as SKU or Brand.

Actions: select action triggered
Discount Amount: (The physical discount, or percentage if percentage was selected above)
Enable for Subproducts: (if there is an addon, etc…)
Stop further rules: (if it’s a big discount and you don’t want it to run in conjunction with other discounts, enable this feature.)

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