Magento – add CSS / JS per category or CMS page

posted on December 17th 2014 in blogposts with 0 Comments

Here’s a very simple solution to adding custom CSS or JS to a specific category or CMS page . The example below shows how to add a reference to a custom CSS file, let’s name it custom.css and assume that we’ve copied it in /skin/frontend/default/your_theme/css. The CSS file inside would look something like (just an example): .category-description { […]

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Magento: hide tax summary from cart/checkout

posted on November 13th 2014 in blogposts with 2 Comments

Magento displays tax summary in cart and checkout by default: You may not always want this to show and there is a simple method of hiding the tax section in cart by making the following changes: – go to /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/tax/checkout/tax.phtml – copy this template file to your theme folder eg. /app/design/frontend/default/customtheme/template/tax/checkout/tax.phtml – uncomment the following code […]

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CSS – Make a rounded image with the help of CSS3

posted on September 8th 2014 in blogposts with 2 Comments

Here is a simple method to create a circular effect on an image with the use of CSS3. As an example, I’ll use the image below with basic html code and CSS: <div class=”img-circular”></div> I’ll now add style for the class “img-circular”: .img-circular{ width: 300px; height: 300px; background-image: url(‘’); background-size: cover; display: block; } The […]

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